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Report to Congress on the Potential Environmental Effects of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technologies

DescriptionThis report focuses on potential impacts of marine and hydrokinetic technologies to aquatic environments (i.e. rivers, estuaries, and oceans), fish and fish habitats, ecological relationships, and other marine and freshwater aquatic resources. The report does not address impacts to terrestrial ecosystems and organisms that are common to other electricity-generating technologies (e.g., construction and maintenance of transmission lines) or possible effects on the human environment, including: human use conflicts, aesthetics, viewsheds, noise in the terrestrial environment, light, recreation, transportation, navigation, cultural resources, socioeconomic impacts.
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First Received2/19/2010 2:10:07 PM
Program NameWater Power Program
KeywordsHydropower; water power; power; potential; turbine; turbines; environmental; report; hydrokinetic; marine; effects; potential; fish; habitats; fish habitats; aquatic; congress; mhkmarketacpage
Print Date12/1/2009 12:00:00 AM
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