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Energy Efficiency Policy in the United States: Overview of Trends at Different Levels of Government

DescriptionThis report catalogs by sector--buildings, transportation, industrial, and power--energy efficiency policies at the federal, state, and local levels, and identifies some prominent policy trends. Four key findings emerged from this report: 1) leadership on energy efficiency is necessary--and is found--at each level of government; 2) there is no widely accepted methodology for evaluating energy efficiency policies; 3) coordination among the three levels of government--and across sectors--is increasingly important, and there are opportunities to significantly improve policy performance through a unified strategy; and 4) there are efficiencies to be gained by informing policies in one sector with experience from others.
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Keywordsenergy efficiency; EE; energy efficiency policy; buildings energy; transportation; industrial sector; power sector; energy analysis; federal energy policy; state energy policy; energy policy
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