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A Comparative Review of a Dozen National Energy Plans: Focus on Renewable and Efficient Energy

DescriptionDozens of groups have submitted energy, environmental, and economic recovery plans for consideration by the Obama administration and the 111th Congress. This report provides a comparative analysis of 12 national proposals, focusing especially on energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) market and policy issues.
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Keywordsenergy plans; energy; economic recovery; environmental; energy efficiency; renewable energy; Repower America (The Gore Plan); Pickens Plan; The New Apollo Program; A National Strategy for Energy Security; Green Recovery; A 100-Day Energy Action Plan; New Energy for America; Transition to Green; A Climate Plan for the New Administration; Clean Energy 2030 (Version 2.0); A Transition Plan for Securing America’s Energy Future; Energy Efficiency and Economic Recovery Initiative
Print Date3/1/2009 12:00:00 AM
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