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Carbon Taxes: A Review of Experience and Policy Design Considerations

DescriptionState and local governments in the United States are evaluating a wide range of policies to reduce carbon emissions, including, in some instances, carbon taxes, which have existed internationally for nearly 20 years. This report reviews existing carbon tax policies both internationally and in the United States. It also analyzes carbon policy design and effectiveness. Design considerations include which sectors to tax, where to set the tax rate, how to use tax revenues, what the impact will be on consumers, and how to ensure emissions reduction goals are achieved. Emission reductions that are due to carbon taxes can be difficult to measure, though some jurisdictions have quantified reductions in overall emissions and other jurisdictions have examined impacts that are due to programs funded by carbon tax revenues.
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KeywordsUnited States; carbon taxes; carbon tax; carbon policies; carbon policy; states; state government; local governments; carbon emissions; emission reductions; carbon policy design; tax sectors; tax rates; tax revenues; carbon tax rates; effectiveness; gasoline; coal; natural gas; Boulder, Colorado; California; Denmark; Finland; France; Netherlands; Norway; Quebec, Canada; Sweden; United Kingdom
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