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U.S. Government Accountability Office Report

DescriptionIn January 2003, the administration announced a 5-year, $1.2 billion Hydrogen Fuel Initiative to perform research, development, and demonstration (R&D) for developing hydrogen fuel cells for use as a substitute for gasoline engines. Led by the Department of Energy (DOE), the initiative's goal is to develop the technologies by 2015 that will enable U.S. industry to make hydrogen-powered cars available to consumers by 2020. GAO examines the extent to which DOE has (1) made progress in meeting the initiative's targets, (2) worked with industry to set and meet targets, and (3) worked with other federal agencies to develop and demonstrate hydrogen technologies. GAO reviewed DOE's hydrogen R&D plans, attended DOE's annual review of each R&D project, and interviewed DOE managers, industry executives, and independent experts. The most recent report on the status of this program can be found at this website.
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