About Industrial Distributed Energy

The Advanced Manufacturing Office's (AMO's) Industrial Distributed Energy activities build on the success of predecessor DOE programs on distributed energy and combined heat and power (CHP) while leveraging proven AMO technology delivery initiatives. These activities accelerate deployment of innovative CHP solutions through the support of technology development efforts, demonstrations, and technology performance validation projects conducted through public-private collaborations. Partnering with other government agencies, private industry, and states facilitates the transfer of innovation, information, tools, and services at the local and regional level. Impact is greatest at the local and regional level, where key CHP regulatory policies are developed and site-specific decisions on capital investment are made.

Industrial Distributed Energy Focus Areas

  • Technology Development – Obtain maximum energy efficiency from distributed energy systems using traditional or non-traditional fuels, and develop approaches to capture and use waste energy streams

  • Technology Validation – Establish the performance of CHP systems in targeted applications

  • Market Transformation – Provide users with the tools to evaluate the potential of CHP and enable implementation of CHP systems in industrial applications

  • Technical Support – Establish a sound technical basis for the AMO Distributed Generation (DG) initiative, provide updated market analyses, and enable coordination with domestic and international stakeholders.

Industrial Distributed Energy Activities

  • Emphasizing innovative systems and applications that offer the greatest potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through energy efficiency and fossil fuel displacement by using alternative fuels and capturing waste energy streams

  • Providing technical expertise and catalyzing a consensus to resolve regulatory and institutional barriers that inhibit market development

  • Accelerating deployment of innovative CHP solutions through the support of demonstrations and technology performance validation projects done collaboratively with the private sector and other public sector entities

  • Providing outreach, education, assessment, and technical assistance through the CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships.