IT and Telecom Experts Begin Work on Vision and Roadmap

October 17, 2008

This week—at a Sunnyvale, California, workshop—experts from the information and communication technology sector initiated work on a vision and roadmap for energy efficiency. The October 15-16, 2008, workshop, sponsored by Yahoo! Inc., the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Telecommunications Industry Association, and Emerson Network Power, provided the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and others with an industry vision of the energy future and IT and communications technology. The workshop was hosted by Yahoo!.   

The "Routing Telecom and Data Centers Toward Efficient Energy Use: Vision and Roadmap" workshop was an invitation-only event that engaged a balanced group of industry leaders and technology experts. The workshop and roadmap are expected to lead to technologies that will dramatically reduce the energy footprint of data centers and telecom systems.  

"This workshop will provide valuable insight on the top technology challenges to creating highly efficient data centers and telecom central offices," said Gideon Varga, IT R&D lead for DOE's Industrial Technologies Program. "We want to find the big opportunities for technology advances that wouldn't happen on their own."  

A draft vision and roadmap will be developed on the basis of input provided at the workshop and will be circulated to participants and additional members of the IT and telecommunication sectors for review and comment. Upon review, a final vision and roadmap will be released to the wider research community with the hope that it will help to align public and private technology investment, lead to collaborative activities between industry and DOE, and accelerate progress in reducing power demand.  

Read the DOE press release.