DOE Assessment Identifies 30% Energy Savings for Verizon Data Center

January 8, 2009

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and utilizing new, energy-saving technologies are principal environmental objectives for Verizon Communications Inc. In 2008, the company participated in a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program energy assessment to examine the energy performance of one of its data centers. The assessment was conducted through Save Energy Now, a national initiative to drive a 25% reduction in industrial energy intensity in 10 years.

During the assessment, the team noticed several areas where Verizon already exhibited best practices in computing and data center operation. The assessment pinpointed numerous opportunities that provide a starting point for Verizon to further investigate ways to save energy in these areas and increase reliability. A majority of these focused on air management best practices, but potential savings were also found in the cooling plant and electrical system.

By making the recommended changes identified during the assessment, Verizon could save $181,500 in costs and 1,540,700 kWh in energy. With implementation costs of $235,000, the company would achieve a payback of approximately 1.3 years. In addition, the energy savings measures can be applied to Verizon’s more than 200 data centers around the world. Read the full assessment summary to learn more (PDF 322 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

Data centers industry-wide can take similar steps to reduce their energy consumption. Learn more and find helpful resources on DOE’s data centers Web site.