Owens Corning and Silicon Valley Power Team Up to Save Energy

April 2, 2009

With the help of financial incentives from local utility Silicon Valley Power (SVP), the Owens Corning plant in Santa Clara, California, implemented several energy-saving measures identified during Save Energy Now assessments to achieve annual energy cost savings of $252,000. A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Expert and Santa Clara plant staff used Industrial Technologies Program software tools to find opportunities for improvement in the plant’s pumping, fan, and compressed air systems. Implementation costs totaled $325,000, and with $251,000 in incentives from SVP, Owens Corning realized a simple payback of 1.3 years.

Owens Corning Energy Leaders
Owens Corning is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass fiber reinforcements, and engineered materials for composite systems. The company designates an energy leader at each of their plants to manage the efficiency of the plant’s process operations and to work with local utilities and vendors to implement energy savings ideas. The Santa Clara plant operates two large electric furnaces that consume a significant amount of energy to produce approximately 250 million pounds of insulation annually.

SVP Customer Directed Rebate Program
For SVP, large industrial facilities like the Santa Clara plant are not only important customer loads, but also valuable assets to the community. SVP’s Customer Directed Rebate program provides incentives to industrial customers for implementing energy efficiency measures. In turn, SVP’s rising load growth can be met without building more power plants, mitigating the utility’s carbon footprint.

Save Energy Now Assessments
The initial Save Energy Now assessment was performed by a DOE Energy Expert on the plant’s pumping systems in 2007, using DOE’s Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT). Subsequently, plant personnel evaluated some of the plant’s fan systems, and SVP fully funded an additional Save Energy Now assessment of the compressed air systems using DOE’s Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT) and AIRMaster+ software tool.

To learn more about the Owens Corning and SVP partnership and results, including energy savings recommendations that can be applied to your plant, read the full case study (PDF 659 KB) Download Adobe Reader. See additional Save Energy Now case studies.

Apply today for a Save Energy Now energy assessment to start saving energy in your plant. If you already participated in an assessment, be sure to implement the recommendations and be recognized.