ITP Launches New Data Center Efficiency Web Site

August 3, 2009

The Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) is working with industry to reduce data center energy intensity 25% in 1,500 data centers from 2008 to 2011. Building on the successful Save Energy Nowenergy assessment model, ITP is providing tools and resources to help data center owners and operators benchmark data center energy use, identify opportunities to reduce energy, and adopt energy-efficient practices.  

The new ITP Data Centers Web site features information about:        

  • Specific energy savings goals for data centers and how DOE is partnering with government and industry organizations to reach those targets
  • The DC Pro Software Tool Suite, which includes a Profiling Tool and System Assessment Tools to perform energy assessments on data center systems
  • The Data Center Certified Energy Practitioner Program to qualify professionals to identify and evaluate energy status and efficiency opportunities in data centers.
  • Steps companies are taking to reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and regain cooling infrastructure capacity in their corporate data centers, which are highlighted in case studies.

Visit the new data centers Web site to learn more and sign up to receive e-mail updates about data center efficiency activities.