New ITP Case Study on Save Energy Now LEADER Company: Flambeau River Papers

March 11, 2010

Pulp and paper mills have traditionally been large consumers of energy in the United States and thus bound to be hit by rising energy costs if their processes are not utilizing modern standards of efficiency. Flambeau River Papers, however, received a fresh lease on life under new ownership - the company management decided to take a bottom-up approach, encouraging recommendations from plant-level staff for improved operations. The company received an Energy Savings Assessment from DOE in 2007 and became a Save Energy Now LEADER Company in 2009. By working with DOE and the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program Flambeau River Papers has achieved $10.5 million in cost savings as a result of energy efficiency projects.

Read the case study: Flambeau River Papers Makes a Comeback With a Revised Energy Strategy (PDF 2.4 MB) Download Adobe Reader.