AMO Selects Superior Energy Performance Trainer Teams

May 14, 2012

Teams led by Georgia Tech Research Corporation and UL DQS, Inc. were selected by the Advanced Manufacturing Office and granted licenses to train Certified Practitioners in Energy Management Systems. These licenses allow the teams to provide energy-efficiency skills, tools, and technology training and the necessary expertise to implement the new International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001 for at least two years.

Selection of the two winning teams was the result of a full and open nationwide competition. UL DQS, Inc. partnered with Schneider Electric, ARCADIS, and Integrated Renewable Energy to provide training expertise, and KRILLO Consulting Partners and UL University to provide design and delivery logistics. The second team – consisting of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation and the Association of Energy Engineers – draws upon an unmatched network of energy efficiency experts to both market and deliver Certified Practitioner training.

These teams will provide classes that include an on-line pre-workshop followed by four days of face-to-face training. These classes will prepare attendees for the Certified Practitioner Energy Management Systems exam that is administered separately by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Institute for Energy Management Professionals. Additional classes for the Superior Energy Performance Lead Auditor and Performance Verifier exams will be held later in 2012.

Times and locations for training sessions will be posted on the websites for Superior Energy Performance and the Institute for Energy Management Professionals. For more detailed information on these professional training teams, please visit the Georgia Tech Research Corporation website or the UL DQS website.