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Advanced Manufacturing Office – State and Regional Partnerships

About State and Regional Partnerships

The U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) offers no-cost industrial energy assessments, tools, trainings, and extensive technical and communications resources for manufacturers of all sizes. To effectively deliver this resource, and to expand the set of resources available to industry, AMO partners with state energy offices and regional coalitions.

State partners are developing local Save Energy Now programs with support from AMO to offer energy assessments, trainings and demonstration projects to a broad range of industrial companies in their state. AMO partners with state and regional stakeholders because they understand local issues and are best positioned to address local needs.

The Save Energy Now State and Regional Partnership Web pages were created to provide a wide-ranging set of outreach tools and resources to help save energy and reduce emissions across the U.S.

Additional Save Energy Now Tools and Resources

Save Energy Now tools and resources help U.S. manufacturing facilities save energy, reduce operating costs, and lower utility bills.