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Advanced Manufacturing Office Activities in Delaware


Mapped AMO State Activities

The following map provides a visual representation of AMO activities in Delaware. Click the checkboxes to filter certain activities. You may click the pushpin icon to show activity details. All locations are approximate. Following the map, there are lists that provide AMO activities (Energy Savings Assessments, Industrial Assessment Centers, Events and Trainings, and AMO Partner Projects) in Delaware.

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Projects Pushpin Projects

AMO Project Award

AMO provided seed funding to 23 awardees for the development and delivery of industrial energy efficiency programs at the state and regional levels. These projects are aimed at delivering assessments, trainings, and technical resources to manufacturers to achieve significant reductions in industrial energy intensity.

  • No project award for this state

R&D Projects and Successes

R and D Pushpin - Denotes Projects on map above

In order to meet the challenges of improving energy efficiency, the Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) helps to mitigate its industry partners' energy use. Both share the cost of research and development (R&D) projects while reaching the common goals of improving not only energy efficiency, but economic viability, energy security, environmental quality, and resource conservation. The following list provides Delaware's active and complete partner projects:

Project Successes Project Successes
Novel Catalytic Membrane Reactors, Compact Membrane Systems, Inc.
Wilmington, DE
Industry: Chemicals
Status: Active
Details PDF

Powder Paint Coating System, Chrysler Newark Assembly Plant
Newark, DE
Industry: Chemicals
Status: Complete
Details PDF

Supercritical Fluid Purification of Combi-Chem Libraries, Berger Instruments
Newark, DE
Industry: Chemicals
Status: Complete
Details PDF

Steel Foam Materials and Structures, Fraunhofer USA
Newark, DE
Industry: Steel
Status: Complete
Details PDF
Model Based Approach to Soft Sensing and Diagnosis for Control of a Continuous Digester, University of Delaware
Newark, DE
Industry: Forest Products
Status: Complete
Details PDF

Predicting Corrosion of Advanced Materials and Fabricated Components, DuPont Engineering Technology
Wilmington, DE
Industry: Chemicals
Status: Complete
Details PDF

Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI) Used to Fabricated Ceramic Composite Radiant Burner Screens, Honeywell Advanced Composites, Inc.
Newark, DE
Industry: Industrial Materials for the Future
Status: Complete
Details PDF

Large Plant Assessments (ESAs)

With emphasis on reducing natural gas consumption, DOE provides American businesses, factories, and manufacturing facilities with on-site Energy Savings Assessments (ESAs). The purpose of these assessments is to identify immediate opportunities to save energy and money that will lead to significant long-term savings. Gold and silver stars represent facilities that have been recognized for their achievements in industrial energy savings. The following is a list of businesses that have all benefited from AMO assessments in Delaware:

ESA Pushpin - Denotes Large Plant Assessments (ESAs) on map above

Honeywell Specialty Materials - Claymont
Claymont, DE

Kraft Foods - Dover
Dover, DE

Kraft Foods - Dover
Dover, DE
Chrysler - Newark Assembly
Newark, DE

FMC Corporation - Newark
Newark, DE

General Motors - GMVM Wilmington Assembly
Wilmington, DE

Medium / Small Plant Assessments (IACs)

Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) provide eligible small- and medium-sized manufacturers with no-cost, on-site energy assessments to identify potential savings opportunities. The following is a list of IAC training participants in Delaware for the past two years. A complete collection of all the publicly available assessment and recommendation data is available at the AMO IAC database.

IAC Assessments Pushpin - Denotes Medium / Small Plant Assessments (IACs) on map above

Adesis, Inc
New Castle, DE

Agilent Technologies
Wilmington, DE

Astra Zeneca
Newark, DE

BASF - Synthesis Building
Wilmington, DE

Beracah homes
Greenwood, DE

Camdel Metals
Camden Wyoming, DE

Milford, DE

Dow Advanced Materials
Newark, DE

Fisker Automotive
Wilmington, DE
Fisker Automotive
Wilmington, DE

Millsboro, DE

Kraft Foods
Dover, DE

Letica Corp.
Middletown, DE

New Process Fibre
Greenwood, DE

Pats Aircraft
Georgetown, DE

Perdue Farms Incorporated
Selbyville, DE

Perdue Farms, Inc.
Georgetown, DE

PPG Industries
Dover, DE
Proctor and Gamble
Dover, DE

Rath Inc.
Newark, DE

New Castle, DE

TA Instruments
New Castle, DE

Zenith Products Corp.
New Castle, DE

Events and Trainings

The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) offers system-wide and component-specific training sessions and materials to help reduce energy use, save money, and minimize waste through system optimization. The following is a list of Delaware's past training events:

Events Pushpin - Denotes Events on map above

There are no events or trainings in this state.

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Technical Resources

AMO provides information on upcoming energy efficiency events and trainings, case studies on replicable industrial energy efficiency projects, and contact information for Industrial Assessment Centers (IAC), Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Centers, and Regional Clean Energy Application Centers.

Case Studies in Delaware

Each year AMO develops new case studies on research, development and demonstration projects; energy assessments; the use of AMO tools and training; and leveraging of AMO partner resources for energy efficiency project implementation. The case studies are developed jointly with AMO's industrial partners. The following is a list of the case studies in Delaware:

Despite Growth, Chrome Deposit Corporation Reduces Its Energy Use, Minimizes Its Environmental Impact, and Improves Its Energy-Management Practices
Chrome Deposit Corporation
Newark, DE

Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) for Region

There are 26 Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs), sponsored by AMO, located at universities across the U.S. IACs provide no-cost energy assessments to small- and medium-sized manufacturers within a 150-mile radius. Additionally, they provide industrial assessment and energy management systems training for the next generation of energy engineers.

University of Delaware
Director: Dr. Keith Goossen
Phone: (302) 831-0590
Fax: (302) 831-4316
Email: goossen@ece.udel.edu
Web Site: http://www.ece.udel.edu/iac/

Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEPs) in Delaware

The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is a not-for-profit network of businesses and manufacturing specialists, with almost 60 MEP centers across the nation. Funded by state, local, and private organizations, and in partnership with the IACs, they provide a variety of services to U.S. industry, including process improvements, innovation strategies, and green manufacturing techniques.

Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Executive Director: Steve Quindlen
Phone: (302) 283-3131
Fax: (302) 283-3137
Email: squindlen@demep.org
Web Site: http://www.demep.org/

Clean Energy Regional Application Centers

Formerly the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Regional Application Centers (RACs), the eight Clean Energy Application Centers across the U.S. promote CHP, waste heat recovery and other clean energy technologies and practices. They provide regional assistance for specific projects, including market assessments, targeted education and outreach, and technical assistance.

Mid-Atlantic Clean Energy Application Center
Director: James Freihaut
Phone: (814) 863-0083
Email: jfreihaut@engr.psu.edu
Web Site: http://maceac.psu.edu/

State Incentives and Resource Database

This database is a comprehensive collection of incentives and resources for implementing energy-efficiency measures in a commercial or industrial facility. These incentives are often financial and are in place to reward business and residential customers for making strides in energy efficiency. The resources are in the form of analysis tools, education and training programs, and energy audits. The following link will take you to a site that will show you the energy incentives and resources in Delaware.

State Incentive Handbooks
AMO has created handbooks of available resources and incentives for industrial energy efficiency implementation organized by system for each of the 50 states.

Resource Fact Sheets
AMO developed 50 resource fact sheets that identify local, regional, state, and utility organizations in each state that can serve as partners working together with manufacturers to advance industrial energy efficiency.


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DOE Contacts

DOE Headquarters Contact
Sandy Glatt
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden, Colorado 80401
Phone: (720) 356-1544
Email: sandy.glatt@go.doe.gov

DOE Project Contact
Jamey Evans
1617 Cole Boulevard
Golden, CO 80401
Phone: (720) 356-1536
Email: jamey.evans@go.doe.gov

State Contact(s)

Delaware Energy Office
Suzanne E. Sebastian
State Energy Program Planner IV
1203 College Park Drive
Suite 101
Dover, DE 19904
Phone: (302) 735-3480
Fax: (302) 739-1840
Email: suzanne.sebastian@state.de.us
Web Site: http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/energy/Pages/default.aspx


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About Delaware Industry

Delaware has a total of 0.9 million residents and ranks 40th in the nation in terms of GDP, which is $56.2 billion. In 2009, Delaware ranked 47th in the nation’s industrial energy consumption at 60.3 trillion Btu and 45th in the nation’s industrial natural gas consumption at 18 trillion Btu.

Delaware’s leading industries (by total value of shipments) include Chemical Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, and Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing. Information on the state’s top industries is displayed in the table below, which can be sorted based on number of employees, production workers’ hours, and payroll, among other categories.

The Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) is providing funding for the development and delivery of industrial energy efficiency programs implemented on a local, state or regional level. These projects are delivering Save Energy Now resources to reduce industrial energy intensity in the states. AMO has 23 total active state and regional projects that are impacting 36 states across the U.S. Learn More

Delaware At a Glance

State Information (1)
2010 Population (Million) 0.9
2010 GDP (Billion) $56.2
GDP Rank 40
Energy Statistics (2) Source PDF for Energy Statistics
Total Energy Consumption 2009 (Trillion Btu) 254.7
Total Industrial Energy Consumption 2009 (Trillion Btu) 60.3
Total Industrial Energy Consumption Rank 47
Total Industrial GDP 2009 (Thousand) $6,229,000.0
Industrial Energy Intensity (Btu/GDP) 9,680.0
Industrial Energy Intensity Rank 32
Total Industrial Electricity Use 2009 (Trillion Btu)* 29.0
Total Industrial Electricity Use Rank 45
Total Industrial Natural Gas Use 2009 (Trillion Btu) 18.0
Total Industrial Natural Gas Use Rank 45
View state rankings
* Total industrial electricity use reflects industrial retail electricity sales and electrical system energy losses.

Total Industrial Energy Consumption Statistics in Delaware

Year Energy Consumption
(Trillion Btu)
National Average
(Trillion Btu)
2009 60.3 560.4
2008 89.4 613.3
2007 101.3 636.5
2006 104.6 635.0
2005 110.1 637.0
2004 109.1 656.0
2003 120.8 638.6
2002 121.8 640.6
2001 123.9 642.2
2000 119.2 678.9
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Source: http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/states/sep_use/ind/use_ind_de.html

Top Industries in Delaware

NAICS CodeIndustry Name Number of Employees Production Workers' Hours (1,000) Annual Payroll ($1,000) Production Workers' Wages ($1,000) Total Cost of Materials ($1,000) Total Capital Expenditures ($1,000) Value Added ($1,000) Total Value of Shipments ($1,000)
325 Chemical Manufacturing 5,896 4,681 $419,048 $147,846 $7,105,684 $154,175 $2,962,094 $10,492,690
311 Food Manufacturing 8,379 16,529 $263,011 $202,501 $1,287,872 $39,823 $1,348,205 $2,632,071
334 Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing 2,088 962 $157,036 $21,408 $275,246 $20,215 $503,047 $786,612
339 Miscellaneous Manufacturing 1,658 2,377 $77,848 $48,808 $141,957 $8,701 $324,250 $469,392
332 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing 2,327 3,234 $114,750 $70,760 $153,592 $8,051 $280,134 $443,836
326 Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing 1,669 2,283 $77,897 $42,921 $222,639 $13,028 $234,602 $465,798
337 Furniture and Related Product Manufacturing 972 1,392 $34,784 $20,972 Data Not Available Data Not Available Data Not Available $200,169
Source: http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/IBQTable?_bm=y&-ds_name=AM0931AS101

Note: The data included in this table is from the U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Manufactures, except for years that end in "2" or "7", when data from its more comprehensive Economic Census is reported.

Additional Resources

List of Fortune 500 Companies in DE:

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's Policy Database for Delaware: