Recommendations from Completed Assessments

    Companies that implement recommendations from plant assessments can achieve significant benefits. From 2007-2010, nearly 600 plants were recognized for energy savings in two categories:

    • Energy Champion — More than 250,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 15% total energy savings.

    • Energy Saver — More than 75,000 MMBtu total energy savings or more than 7.5% total energy savings.

    View award winners for 2007PDF, 2008PDF, 2009PDF, and 2010PDF.

    Find energy-saving ideas for your company by searching recommendations from completed plant assessments. Many of these recommendations have broad application throughout industry. Recommendations are available for large, medium, and small manufacturing plants.

    Large Plant Assessments

    Search the large plant assessment database by:

    • Company
    • State
    • Industry type (aluminum, chemical, glass, steel, etc.)
    • System area (compressed air, fans, pumps, process heating, steam)
    • Year of assessment

    Assessment reports, case studies, summaries and other information are posted when available. The content is updated as new assessments are completed and new information is finalized. The information available varies by the type of assessment and focus of the program during a specific time period.

    Small and Medium Plant Assessments

    Search recommendations for small and medium plants in the Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) Database by:

    • Assessments: Industry Type, Size, Year, Energy Costs, Products
    • Recommendations: Type, Savings, Cost, Implemented
    • Industry Type: SIC and NAICS
    • Recommendation code (ARC)

    Read the IAC case studies.