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    Manufacturers use our resources to reduce energy costs and chart a path to continuous improvement in energy efficiency and performance. Free tools, trainings, and other resources are available for companies getting started as well as for companies ready to pursue ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance certification. Prioritize the most cost-effective next steps and track progress at the corporate, plant, and project level. Use in-house staff to realize many improvements. Estimate costs through vendors to determine the payback, identify available incentives, and make the case for capital expenditures. Learn to: Get Started

    • Implement best practices to optimize energy performance
    • Maximize financial return of current assets by establishing an ISO 50001 compatible energy management system
    • Adopt energy-efficient technologies

    Access the diverse resources available through AMO and our partners using the links below. Self-paced tools guide users step-by-step and can easily be adapted to any facility. Use tools that interlink and store data in a secure site by registering for an account. Set ambitious energy goals as a Better Plants Partner and receive additional resources. Share resources with your supply chain.

    Paths to Energy Management

    In an hour, identify what energy is purchased and consumed at your plant, determine potential energy and cost savings, and create a customized, printable report with a list of next steps to save energy.Plant Energy Profiler (PEP)

    This downloadable tool guides users to implement the basics of energy management and refers to AMO resources that can help along the way. It sets the foundation for cost-effective and sustainable energy improvements.
    Intended for organizations new to energy management and for organizations who want to promote better energy management practices within their supply chain.
    eGuide Lite

    Follow a step-by-step approach to continually improve energy management in your facility and conform to the ISO 50001 energy management standard.
    Intended for organizations that want to establish a systematic approach to energy management and performance improvement.
    eGuide for ISO 50001

    System Assessment



    Find resources by system area all in one place including links to software tools, training, assessments, case studies, tip sheets, and technical publications.Process Heating

    Combined Heat & Power

    Compressed Air




    Data Centers

    Track Projects & Progress

    Sort, edit, and prioritize energy-saving projects identified in system-focused energy assessments and tools. Log in to import recommendations from the eCenter "project library," save changes, or export projects to corporate spreadsheets. Project Opportunities Tracker

    Track energy performance at a facility- and corporate-level while normalizing for weather, production, and other variables. Performance indicators include energy savings, annual and cumulative energy improvements, and Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Energy Performance Indicators.Energy Performance Indicator V3.0 (EnPI 3.0)

    Local Resources Available

    Search programs by location (region, state, city, or zip code) to access financial and technical incentives, tools, and resources offered by federal, state, and regional partners to help make energy efficiency upgrades in your facility.Incentives and Resources by Zip Code

    Find a range of AMO activities in each state, including R&D projects, training opportunities, contacts for experts in your area, and more.AMO Activities by State

    Locate a DOE-trained Qualified Specialist or Energy Expert in your area to help optimize industrial plant efficiency for process heating, steam, pumps, fan, and compressed air systems. Qualified Specialists and Energy Experts

    Review the process to prepare for and make the most of an assessment and determine if your facility may qualify for a low- to no-cost assessment from a DOE partner.Energy Assessments

    Contact one of 24 university-based centers in your area that conduct no-cost, one-day energy assessments at small and medium plants or hire an IAC alumnus with real-world problem-solving skills.Industrial Assessment Centers

    Receive information and technical assistance to deploy clean energy technologies, principally combined heat and power (CHP).Clean Energy Application Centers

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