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    The AMO Energy Resource Center helps manufacturers who are new to energy management as well as those with established programs that are ready to maximize energy cost savings. In addition, companies can share AMO's resources and take steps to boost their supply chain's energy productivity. Manufacturers have worked with AMO to establish proven pathways to energy management. The resulting "how-to" resources cover both technical and management-related strategies that reduce energy costs. The resources offered are applicable to a diverse range of industries.

    New to energy management:

    Significant cost savings can be achieved by plant staff implementing best practices. To start, determine where the most energy is used in your plant using the Plant Energy Profiler (PEP). The system assessment tools and resources can help you prioritize and select from a range of upgrades (process heating, steam, compressed air, motors, pumps, fans, and plant-wide/building envelop). See the Tip Sheets which explain how to make quick energy-saving adjustments. In addition, there are scorecards and simple calculators that are easy to use (see box).

    Alternatively, you can start with the eGuide Lite, which will guide you step-by-step to identify priorities and establish a strategic long-term energy management approach. eGuide Lite provides an initial easy approach to establishing an energy management program and working toward ISO 50001 conformance. It will help you integrate energy management into corporate decisions and maximize the cost savings from plant assets for years to come. In addition, eGuide Lite refers users to AMO's other tools, as appropriate, to identify the greatest energy and cost savings.

    Once you have identified the payback and return-on-investment (ROI) from a proposed project, data from successful projects implemented by other companies in your industry can help you sell the project to management (see case studies and recommendations from assessments). Use the Project Opportunities Tracker to prioritize projects and track progress over time.

    Ready to maximize energy cost savings:

    The eGuide for ISO 50001, a more rigorous version of eGuide Lite, provides a step-by-step approach to continuously improve energy management in a facility and attain conformance to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System Standard. This tool helps companies maximize energy efficiency and obtain the greatest return on existing assets and new capital expenditures. eGuide for ISO 50001 also refers users to other AMO tools and other resources to realize targeted opportunities. Conformance to ISO 50001 is a key criteria to meeting the requirements of the Superior Energy Performance (SEP) Program, an ANSI-accredited program. SEP also requires an energy performance improvement of 5% or more over 3 years.

    Set to boost supply chain energy efficiency:

    Share the link to the AMO Energy Resource Center with manufacturers in your supply chain. Use the resources as part of your supply chain energy management program. The eGuide Lite and the Project Opportunities Tracker were designed with this in mind, especially to support suppliers that are new to energy management. For example, suppliers can provide summary reports from the Tracker to their customers as part of their participation in energy efficiency programs.

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