Motor Decisions MatterSM Resources

    Take advantage of resources designed to help operations and procurement professionals continuously improve their energy use. AMO is promoting free and publicly available tools, resources, and case studies from Motor Decisions MatterSM (MDM). Decision makers can utilize the following four MDM resources to manage and plan their motor-driven systems and to understand the value of continuous energy improvement.

    Images of the various MDM tools and resources (Simple Savings Chart, 1*2*3 Spreadsheet, Motor Planning Kit, and Trifold Brochure)
    • Simple Savings Chart: Simply enter operating hours and cost of electricity into this chart to compare annual energy costs and potential savings associated with different motor efficiency levels–for 1-500 horsepower (hp) motors, and 1200, 1800, and 3600 rotations per minute (rpm).

    • 1*2*3 Spreadsheet: Use this step-by-step calculation tool to prepare a comparative financial analysis for future motor repair-replace decisions based on life cycle costs.

    • Motor Planning KitPDF: Review this booklet for a comprehensive overview of motor management. Learn how to pursue a variety of plans ranging from generic purchasing policies to total motor inventory.

    • Trifold BrochurePDF: Read this summary of motor management basics including opportunities to save energy by considering life cycle costs and opportunities for adjustable speed drives.

    MDM and its sponsoring organizations provide support for companies interested in motor management with a vision of achieving significant energy savings in properly designed, configured, and operated motor systems. The campaign encourages:

    • Awareness of motor management opportunities
    • Demand for motor management services
    • Implementation of motor management practices

    MDM is a national campaign sponsored by electric utilities, industry trade associations, manufacturers, and others, and is managed by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). It was founded and continues to be sponsored by organizations with diverse industry expertise, including efficiency programs, motor and drive manufacturers, electromechanical sales and service professionals, and other industry experts.