This photo shows the wall of an industrial building with a pressure gauge mounted on the wall. Underneath the gauge in the lower left-hand corner are the words "AIRMaster+" and underneath this title are the words "Motor-Driven Systems."

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    Version: 1.2.7
    Release Date: December 11, 2012
    Release Notes
    Metric Unit Measurements:

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    Version: 2.0
    Release Date: January 12, 2009
    Metric Unit Measurements: Yes

    AIRMaster+ is a free online software tool that helps users analyze energy use and savings opportunities in industrial compressed air systems. Use AIRMaster+ to baseline existing and model future system operations improvements, and evaluate energy and dollar savings from many energy efficiency measures. AIRMaster+ provides a systematic approach to assessing compressed air systems, analyzing collected data, and reporting results.

    The AIRMaster+ LogTool is a companion tool to AIRMaster+ that helps industrial users determine the operating dynamics of a compressed system. Use the LogTool first to gather critical data in preparation for AIRMaster+. Then, input that data into AIRMaster+ to model existing and future compressed air system upgrades.

    Intended Users

    AIRMaster+ is designed for personnel who are interested in improving compressed air system performance, including industrial plant engineers, distributors of compressed air equipment, consulting companies, and utility energy auditors.

    System Requirements

    AIRMaster+ will operate on the following PC's:

    • 32-bit computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
    • 64-bit computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8


    To use AIRMaster+, first enter information describing existing inventory and function for the following:

    • Company/facility
    • Utility rates
    • Compressed air systems on site and end uses for each system
    • Typical operating day types
    • Compressor performance and operating details
    • Metered hourly energy use or air flow for each day type and for each compressor

    Then, define proposed energy efficiency system enhancements such as:

    • Reduced air leaks, system air pressure, or run time
    • Improved end use efficiency
    • Use of unloading controls and automatic sequencer
    • Adjustment of cascading set points
    • Addition of primary receiver volume


    Based on input, AIRMaster+ allows users to:

    • Manage multiple facilities and compressed air systems
    • Maintain databases of plant inventory and industry-standard air compressors
    • Simulate existing and modified compressed air system operation
    • Model part load system operation for a variety of air compressors operating simultaneously with independent control strategies and schedules
    • Calculate electrical operating costs and life cycle costs
    • Evaluate energy savings
    • Track maintenance histories of various facility, system, and compressor components

    Release Notes

    Version 1.2.7PDF replaces earlier versions of AIRMaster+ and corrects errors regarding Company files being saved; Company files are now written to each user's local interface under "My Documents" for all Microsoft operating systems Vista and higher.

    Additional Information

    AIRMaster+ Qualification

    DOE and the Compressed Air Challenge® recognize Qualified AIRMaster+ Specialists for their ability to use the AIRMaster+ software effectively with industrial end users. Used properly, AIRMaster+ is a powerful tool for modeling "what if" scenarios for possible improvements to compressed air systems. A Qualified Specialist can apply AIRMaster+ to assist you in identifying system improvement opportunities. More details on AIRMaster+ qualification.

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