Combined Heat and Power Application Tool

    This photo shows a large pipe system inside an industrial facility. The text across the image reads "Combined Heat and Power Application Tool" and the text underneath reads "Process Heating Systems."

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    Release Date: September 2004

    The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Application tool is a free online software tool that evaluates the feasibility of using gas turbines to generate power, and the turbine exhaust gases to supply heat to industrial systems. Use the CHP tool to analyze three typical system types: fluid heating, exhaust-gas heat recovery, and duct burner systems.

    Intended Users

    This tool is designed to help industrial energy coordinators, plant managers, and engineers quantify the potential benefits of using combined heat and power systems in their manufacturing facilities.

    System Requirements

    The CHP Tool will operate on the following PC's:

    • 32-bit computer running Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.
    • Microsoft Office Suite 2007. The CHP Tool will NOT work with Office 2010. Please download the required Office 2007 program to run concurrently on your computer.


    Enter the following information to help calculate approximate turbine size:

    • Company information
    • Application and process heating type
    • Process system data such as heat input, oxygen and temperature in flue gases, and combustion air temperature
    • Cost and operational data


    Based on input, the CHP tool will provide the following:

    • Current energy data for the furnace/boiler
    • Performance data for the selected turbine
    • Energy use data for the CHP system
    • Cost details for the application
    • Payback period based on the cost data provided for the fuel, electricity, and equipment used in the CHP system

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