Chilled Water System Analysis Tool

    This photo shows a series of three curved pipes connected to industrial motors; each pipe has a measurement gauge mounted on it. In the lower left hand corner are the words "Chilled Water System Analysis Tool" and underneath this title are the words "Motor-Driven Systems."

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    Version: 2.3
    Release Date: October 5, 2007
    Release Notes

    The Chilled Water System Analysis Tool (CWSAT) is a free online software tool that allows plant personnel to evaluate changes to existing equipment including chillers, pumps, and towers, and calculates the energy and cost savings gained by implementing those changes.

    Intended Users

    CWSAT is designed to help industrial energy coordinators, plant managers and engineers quantify the potential benefits of chilled water system improvements in their manufacturing facilities.

    System Requirements

    CWSAT will operate on the following PC's:

    • 64-bit computer running Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7
    • Microsoft Office Suite 2007 and 2010


    CWSAT users will need to input information on the existing configuration for the following:

    • Basic system data including number of chillers, water supply temperature, location
    • Tower type, size, and number
    • Air- or water-cooled temperature and source
    • Pump types
    • Current chiller: compressor type, load efficiency, capacity
    • Energy costs
    • Operating schedule


    Based on user inputs, CWSAT will provide the following:

    • Energy consumption and operational costs of current and proposed chillers, pumps, and towers
    • Savings summary table
    • Energy consumption values of chillers, pumps, and towers under various conditions

    Release Notes

    Several updates were made in version 2.3, including the addition of Canadian cities to the weather database and modifications to input limitations and restrictions (for example, higher chilled water supply temperatures are now allowed). This version also corrects minor user input bugs/issues for improved functionality. The fact sheet and user manual for version 2.1 are still valid for the new version.

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