NOx and Energy Assessment Tool

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    Release Date: 2004

    The NOx and Energy Assessment Tool (NxEAT) is a free online software tool to help plants in the petroleum refining and chemical industries analyze NOx emissions and application of energy efficiency improvements. Use the tool to inventory emissions from equipment that generates NOx, and then compare how various technology applications and efficiency measures affect overall costs and reduction of NOx. Perform "what-if" analyses to optimize and select the most cost-effective methods for reducing NOx from systems such as fired heaters, boilers, gas turbines, and reciprocating engines.

    Intended Users

    The tool is designed for industrial plant managers and personnel in the petroleum refining and chemical industries who are interested in analyzing NOx emissions and applying energy efficiency improvements.

    System Requirements

    NxEAT will operate on the following PC's:

    • 64-bit computer running Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7
    • Microsoft Office Suite 2007 and 2010


    NxEAT users will need to input the following:

    • Options from a list of standard NOx-reducing methods that relate to specific types of equipment, such as fired systems, utility distribution systems, and other energy-consuming equipment
    • Energy-saving options selected for each section of the plant


    Based on input, NxEAT will:

    • Profile a plant's current NOx emissions, energy use, and annual energy cost for NOx -generating equipment
    • Calculate and compare NOx emission and capital reduction for each analysis
    • Analyze energy savings

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