Steam System Tool Suite

    This photo shows an industrial tower set against a sky. Steam is emerging from the tower into the air. In the lower left hand corner are the words "Steam System Tool Suite" and underneath are the words "Steam Systems."

    Access Steam System Modeler Tool (SSMT) now!
    Release Date: October 2012
    Metric Unit Measurements: Yes

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    Version: 2
    Release Date: June 2002
    Metric Unit Measurements: Yes

    Download Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT) now!
    Version: 3
    Release Date: July 7, 2008
    Release Notes
    Metric Unit Measurements: Yes

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    Version: 4
    Release Date: 2005
    Metric Unit Measurements: Yes

    The Steam System Tool Suite consists of four online software tools used to analyze energy use and savings opportunities in industrial steam systems:

    Steam System Modeler Tool (SSMT)

    This tool allows you to create up to a 3-pressure-header basic model of your current steam system. It includes a series of adjustable characteristics simulating technical or input changes, thereby demonstrating how each component impacts the others and what changes may best promote overall efficiency and stability of the system.

    Steam System Scoping Tool

    This tool is a scorecard designed to help steam system energy managers and operations personnel perform initial self-assessments of their steam systems. Use this tool to profile and grade steam system operations and management and evaluate your steam system operations against best practices.

    Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT)

    SSAT allows steam analysts to develop approximate models of real steam systems. Using these models, you can apply SSAT to quantify the magnitude—energy, cost, and emissions-savings—of key potential steam improvement opportunities. SSAT contains the key features of typical steam systems.

    3E Plus®

    The program calculates the most economical thickness of industrial insulation for user input operating conditions. Make calculations using the built-in thermal performance relationships of generic insulation materials or supply conductivity data for other materials.

    Intended Users

    The Steam System Tool Suite is designed for manufacturing plant personnel who are interested in improving steam system performance in their manufacturing facilities.

    System Requirements

    SSAT will operate on the following PC's:

    • 32-bit computer running Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7.
    • Microsoft Office Suite 2007. SSAT will NOT work with Office 2010. Please download the required Office 2007 program to run concurrently on your computer.


    The Steam System Tool Suite requires the following input information:

    • General site data, including power costs, annual operating hours, and water cost
    • Steam generation system data for boiler fuels, efficiency, and blowdown rates
    • Steam distribution system data for steam turbines, piping insulation, steam traps and leaks
    • Steam end use and condensate systems data for amount of steam used by processes, and amount of condensate return
    • Maintenance information


    Based on input, the tool suite summarizes potential savings of:

    • Operational costs for fuel, electricity, and water
    • Emissions
    • Steam costs

    Release Notes

    Version 3 of SSAT includes a set of templates for measurement in both English and metric units. The new templates correct all known problems with version 2, such as an update to the User Calculations sheet, which allows better access to Microsoft Excel functionality. Version 3 is also now compatible with Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Excel 2007.

    Additional Information

    Steam Tool Specialist Qualification

    Industry professionals can earn recognition as Qualified Specialists in the use of Steam Tools. DOE offers an in-depth 2-1/2 day training for steam system specialists, including 2 days of classroom instruction and a written exam. Participants who complete the workshop and pass the written exam are recognized by DOE as Qualified Steam Tool Specialists. Specialists can assist industrial customers in using tools to evaluate their steam systems. More details on Steam Tool Specialist qualification.

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