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DOE Continues Training for Manufacturers in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic to Demonstrate Energy Standards

October 1, 2010

The U.S. Department of Energy's Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) is continuing its series of training sessions intended to help manufacturers acquire the skills and knowledge required to take part in a national energy management demonstration program whose purpose is to provide businesses with a blueprint for continual improvement in energy performance. Manufacturers in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic took part in the latest rounds of training, seeking to learn more about how to develop and implement an energy management system that meet the highest standards in energy efficiency.

Representatives from the various energy management demonstration facilities joined demonstration support teams to take part in the first phase of a three-part training program. Six facilities from the Midwest - 3M, Haynes International, Allsteel, Cook Composites and Polymers, Didion Milling, and Neenah Foundry - participated in the ITP Energy Management demonstration project training at the 3M plant in Cordova, Illinois, from August 17-19, 2010. Four other facilities from the Mid Atlantic - Traco, General Dynamics, Dow Chemical, World Kitchen - conducted their training in State College, Pennsylvania, from July 27-29, 2010.

The U.S. industrial sector consumes about a third of the nation's energy and accounts for over one-quarter of its total greenhouse gas emissions, making it a significant component of the nation’s overall energy and environmental equation. The energy management demonstration project, which is being conducted through ITP's broader Save Energy Now initiative, supports ITP's mission to lead the national drive to reduce energy intensity and carbon emissions by changing the way industry uses energy.

Participating demonstration sites are testing the ANSI-accredited Superior Energy Performance certification program requirements and are working to meet future energy challenges by developing a set of skills to more effectively manage and maximize value from their energy resources. The plants receive tailored assistance from demonstration support teams to implement an energy management system that will conform to the forthcoming International Organization for Standardization (ISO) energy management system standard known as ISO 50001. The ISO 50001 standard, under development led by the United States and Brazil along with China and the United Kingdom, will serve as a roadmap that companies can use to help them achieve continual improvement in energy performance.

By demonstrating their success at meeting the ISO 50001 energy management standard, the manufacturing facilities will showcase their ability to better manage their energy use, improve energy performance, and apply an accredited methodology for measuring and validating energy efficiency and energy intensity improvements. Find more information on the ITP Energy Management Demonstration Web site.