U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Advanced Manufacturing Office – Utility Partnerships

Policy Analyses and Case Studies

Policy Analyses Overview

The Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) Utility Partnerships provides a number of policy analyses covering topics important to utilities. Focus areas typically include state regulatory policies aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of utilities and their customers. These analyses provided unbiased perspectives on the impacts of these policies.

Regional Demand-side Management (DSM) Reports

These Regional DSM Reports are meant to provide utility staff, legislators, and other stakeholders with insight into the energy supply and demand characteristics of regions throughout the U.S. and correlate these characteristics with the utility DSM program offerings in these regions. By understanding each region's unique relationship among energy supply, demand, and conservation, stakeholders within each region can better assess what types of DSM programs will be successful.

Policy Analyses

Energy Efficiency as a Resource Regional Reports

The Energy Efficiency as a Resource Regional Reports examine the energy intensities for manufacturing industries throughout the United States. The reports estimate the possible savings that each region could achieve if a number of regionally important industries operated at an energy efficiency level equal to the national average. Each report focuses on one of four U.S. Census Bureau regions. These reports are meant to be used by utility staff, legislators, and other stakeholders to focus their efforts on the industries that could benefit most from energy efficiency programs.

Case Studies Overview

The following case studies provide real-world examples of how utilities have partnered with their industrial customers to save energy and reduce costs. These case studies provide a variety of examples ranging from utility-driven incentive programs for reducing energy consumption to leveraging ITP resources for providing customers with better service for lower cost.

Case Studies