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Turn-Key Demand-side Management (DSM) Tools

Turn-Key DSM Tools Overview

The Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) is developing a suite of Turn-Key DSM Tools to help energy utilities save their industrial customers energy and money. These tools will lead utility staff through the process of creating effective DSM incentive programs.

Each turn-key tool includes a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Tool to assist utilities in determining whether a DSM program is right for them. The CBA Tool will also allow each utility to set program budgets and goals that allow the program to be successful for each utility's unique energy supply, demand, and regulatory characteristics. Once the CBA Tool is used to make the go/no-go decision for program development, utility staff can use the Turn-Key DSM Tool Website to walk through step-by-step instructions to develop, deliver, and monitor their DSM program. These steps include information on setting a program budget, hiring an energy services manager (ESM), determining the right rebate incentive, marketing the program, partnering with trade allies, delivering the program, and monitoring program performance.

ITP plans on releasing a variety of Turn-Key DSM Tools. These tools will cover industrial systems which utilities commonly develop DSM programs for, including: lighting, motors, compressed air, pumps, and others.

ITP's Turn-Key DSM Lighting Tool is now available.