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These are photo collections from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and DOE's national laboratories.

Each photo gallery has its own photograph usage policy. If you are interested in using any of the photographs in these galleries, please contact the appropriate webmaster or laboratory contact. If you are looking for information about the usage policy for images on the EERE Web site, see Web Site Policies.

Photo of a large mechanical device, like a mechanical arm, standing outside against a sunny blue sky.

Department of Energy Digital Photo Archive

This photographic database provides images for the general public and the Department of Energy community.

Photo of a man in a lab coat, wearing glasses, who is working on a small, metallic, square device.

Argonne National Laboratory Image Library

Argonne's Image Library offers images for download covering energy efficient transportation, as well as photos of the lab's work in chemistry and physics, computer science, education, engineering, life sciences, materials and nanotechnology, and nuclear engineering.

Photo of an electrical fan.

Brookhaven National Laboratory Image Library

This collection of images depicts Brookhaven National Laboratory and select images of its work in fields such as nanotechnology.

Photo of a cell, as seen underneath a high-powered microscope.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Photos and Images

This collection of photos from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory includes photos of physics, material sciences, energy and environmental sciences, life sciences and genomics, computing sciences, advanced light sources, education and public outreach, aerial photos of the lab, and historical photos of the lab.

Photo of a woman, wearing glasses, who is working on a large, industrial-sized set of pipes and machines.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Image Library

Lawrence Livermore's Image Library includes photos and illustrations of lab activities, research, technologies, people, and historical computers.

Photo of a wind turbine against a clear blue sky, with a mountain range in the distance.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory PIX Photo Library

The Photographic Information Exchange is the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's collection of photo resources related to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Photo of a high-temperature device, as shown underneath a heat detecting machine.  It appears as a bright red and orange ring around a bright blue core.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Photo Gallery

This collection of photos from Oak Ridge National Laboratory contains photos of the laboratory's work in fields such as energy, nanotechnology, chemical sciences, physics, and nuclear research.

Photo of a road that goes into the distance, towards a city.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory PictureThis

PictureThis contains hundreds of photos of innovative technologies developed and research performed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, including those in the fields of agricultural research, atmospheric science, bimolecular systems, chemistry, computer sciences, energy production, marine science, nuclear research, and more.

Photo of a man in laboratory goggles holding a small cell.

Sandia National Laboratories Image Gallery

Sandia's Image Gallery contains recent and archived photos of lab activities and research in fields such as hydrogen research, nanotechnology, energy research, and more.

Photo of two men in hard hats.  One is carrying a large white panel.

Solar Decathlon Photographs

Solar Decathlon's image gallery contains photographs from the biennial Solar Decathlon event, where universities from around the world compete to develop houses powered only by solar energy.

Photo of a solar array.

Solar Energy Technologies Office Photographs

The Solar Energy Technologies Office offers a variety of photographs in low and high resolution on its multimedia website.