Planning for Solar Projects on Federal Sites

Photo of flat roof covered in rows of blue, square panels with skyscrapers in the background.

United States Coast Guard – The Williams Building in downtown Boston, Massachusetts, has a 28 kilowatt photovoltaic system integrated into the roof consisting of 372 panels.
Courtesy of SunPower

Planning for the federal site solar project can begin after the solar solar pre-screening is complete.

The project planning includes the following steps:

Make a financing and contracting decision Consider project requirements and recommendations. Evaluate solar energy sites Assemble an on-site team Identify needs and goals

This section walks through the steps needed to execute a specific site solar procurement and is intended to help those charged with carrying out the solar project. Though this section largely considers single site installations, agencies should look for innovative ways to aggregate procurements as much as possible to benefit from economies of scale and to reduce transaction costs.