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    News Archives - 2009


    Federal Tax Credits Return for Efficiency Improvements to Homes
    DOE Helps Build Four New Energy-Saving Homes in New Orleans
    Residential Water Heaters can now Carry the Energy Star Label
    DOE Awards 16 Contracts for Energy Savings at Federal Facilities
    Bureau of Land Management to Establish Renewable Energy Offices
    President Obama Calls for Greater Use of Renewable Energy
    Report Notes Surging Utility Investment in Smart Grid Technologies


    Ausra Backs Off on Large CSP Projects, Focuses on Industries
    President Obama Orders Swift Action on Appliance Efficiency Standards
    Western Massachusetts Electric Company Files Large-Scale Solar Energy Plan
    Economic Stimulus Act Extends Renewable Energy Tax Credits
    Stimulus Act Expands Clean Energy Tax Credits for Homes and Businesses
    Renewable Energy and Smart Grids Spurred by Economic Stimulus Act
    Economic Stimulus Act Provides $16.8 Billion for EERE Programs
    Clean Energy Bonds Expanded by the Economic Stimulus Act
    President Obama Calls for Carbon Cap, More Clean Energy Investment
    DOE to Expedite Disbursement of Funds Received via Stimulus Act


    Renewable Energy World Prepares to Kick Off Busy Conference Season
    President's Budget Draws Clean Energy Funds from Climate Measure
    U.S. Utilities Pursue Large-Scale Solar Power Facilities
    Electric Industry Examines Adding Solar Energy to Coal Plants
    Space Shuttle Delivers Final Set of Solar Wings to the ISS
    Appropriations Act Provides Nearly $2 Billion in New Funding for EERE
    DOE Offers $535 Million Loan Guarantee to Solyndra, Inc.
    Solar Energy Grew at a Record Pace in 2008
    DOE to Award $3.2 Billion in Energy Efficiency Block Grants


    DOE and EPA Recognize Energy Star Partners and Retailers
    DOE Launches the Commercial Real Estate Energy Alliance
    Florida to Host World's Second-Largest Solar Thermal Power Plant
    Merck & Co., Inc. Fires Up 1.6-Megawatt Solar Project at New Jersey Headquarters
    NREL: Utility Green Power Sales Increased 20% in 2008
    DOE Supports Earth Week with Energy Saving Tips Feature
    EIA Projects Faster Clean Energy Growth with Recovery Act Funds
    New Hospital Energy Alliance to Promote Clean Energy in Healthcare
    Secretary Chu Announces $93 Million from Recovery Act to Support Wind Energy Projects
    DOE to Invest $777 million in 46 New Energy Frontier Research Centers
    DOE Launches the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E


    Colorado Passes "Solar Ready Homes" Legislation
    Study: Climate Targets Greatly Limit the World's Near-Term Use of Fossil Fuels
    DOE Requests $2.3 Billion for Efficiency, Renewable Energy in FY 2010
    New York Launches 100-Megawatt Solar Project on Distributed State Sites
    World's Biggest Solar Power Tower now Producing Power in Spain
    DOE Raises Award Ceilings for Smart Grid Projects
    EPA Sets Energy Star Specifications for Computer Servers
    DOE and World Energy Leaders Launch Partnership for Energy Efficiency
    President Obama Announces Over $467 Million in Recovery Act Funding for Geothermal and Solar Energy Projects
    Federal Agencies Team Up to Foster Growth in Green Jobs
    Virtual Energy Forum Offers a Free, Two-Day Clean Energy Conference


    Vermont Passes a Feed-In Tariff, Plus Other Clean Energy Measures
    Report: Utilities with the Most Solar Power are Still Adding the Most
    DOE's Solar Decathlon to be Held October 9-18 on the National Mall
    New Funding Boosts Carbon Capture, Solar Energy, and High Gas Mileage Cars and Trucks
    DOE to Invest $49 Million in 24 Solar Projects and Solar Training
    Federal Agencies to Assist with Clean Energy Development in the West
    Report: Demand Response Could Cut U.S. Peak Power Demand by 20%


    Interior Department Expedites Solar Energy Development in the West
    Obama Administration Awards More than $153 Million for State Energy Programs in Seven States and Territories
    DOE Offers $3.9 Billion to Support Smart Grid Technologies
    Treasury, Energy Departments Announce More than $3 Billion in Recovery Act Funds for Renewable Energy Projects
    Obama Administration Awards More than $141 Million for State Energy Programs in Six States and Territories
    DOE, Treasury Provide Guidance on Direct Payments for Renewable Projects
    Renewable Energy Standards Advance in Four States
    DOE Offers $52.5 Million for Concentrating Solar Power Research
    DOE Announces Awards for up to $11 Million for New Solar Energy Grid Integration Systems
    DOE-Funded Clean Energy Research Projects Win 19 R&D 100 Awards


    DOE Offers $30 Billion in Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy Projects
    Report: The Next Decade will Determine America's Energy Future
    EPA Names Top 20 Organizations Using On-Site Renewable Energy
    DOE Awards $377 Million to 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers
    Treasury, Energy Announce More than $2 Billion in Recovery Act Tax Credits for Energy Manufacturers
    DOE Funds Clean Energy Projects on Tribal Lands and Alaska Villages
    Treasury, DOE Offer $2.3 Billion in Tax Credits for Energy Manufacturers
    First Commercial U.S. Solar Power Tower Launched by eSolar
    DOE Offers $37 Million for Clean Energy Research at Small Businesses


    USDA Awards $13 Million for Rural Clean Energy Projects


    20 Solar Homes Take Shape on the National Mall for the Solar Decathlon
    President Obama Orders Federal Agencies to Trim Greenhouse Gases
    DOE Delivers $72 Million to Seven States and Territories for Clean Energy
    DOE Announces $87 Million in Funding to Support Solar Energy Technologies
    DOE to Strengthen Enforcement of Energy Efficiency Standards
    IEA: Nations Should Build on Economy-Related Greenhouse Gas Cuts
    Team California Claims a Narrow Lead in the Solar Decathlon
    DOE Awards $87 Million for Solar Energy Research and Deployment
    DOE Expands, Simplifies Loan Guarantees for Renewable Energy Projects
    Team Germany Wins the 2009 Solar Decathlon
    2009 Solar Decathlon Winners Announced
    Vice President Biden Unveils Report Focused on Expanding Green Jobs And Energy Savings For Middle Class Families
    California Expands its Rules for Feed-In Tariffs and Net Metering
    Vice President Biden Unveils Home Retrofit Plan for Energy Efficiency
    Report: Addressing Climate Change Yields 4.5 Million Clean Energy Jobs
    DOE Awards $151 Million in Recovery Act Funding for ARPA-E Projects
    President Obama Announces $3.4 Billion to Spur Smart Electric Grids


    DOE Delivers $38 Million to Four States for Clean Energy
    DOE Awards $155 Million to 41 Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects
    Treasury Department Allocates $2.2 Billion in Bonds for Renewable Energy
    EERE Funding Up 3 Percent to $2.24 Billion for Fiscal Year 2010
    Japan's Tokai University Solar Car Wins the Global Green Challenge
    BLM and CEC Release Draft EIS for the 400-MW Ivanpah Solar Project
    Ex-Im Bank to Boost Renewable Exports with $250 Million in Financing
    United States and China to Cooperate on Clean Energy
    Recovery Act Announcement: DOE to Invest $18 Million in Small Business Clean Energy Innovation Projects
    DOE to Invest $18 Million in Small Businesses Focused on Clean Energy
    DOE Awards $620 Million for Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects


    President Obama Sets a Target for Cutting U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    United States and India to Cooperate on Clean Energy Technologies
    Affordable Green Housing Gets Boost from Billion-Dollar Funds
    President Obama Proposes Home Energy Retrofit Program for Job Creation
    Commerce Department to Speed Review of Green Technology Patents
    United States to Help Deploy Clean Energy in Developing Countries
    DOE Launches Public Web Site for Energy Technology Information
    DOE Issues Final Rule on Loan Guarantees
    California Releases Preliminary Rules for GHG Cap-and-Trade Program
    EIA: U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions to Grow 8.7% by 2035