Development Master Plan for Fort Mojave Lands in Nevada

In the early 1980's the Tribal Council decided that the time had come to develop the tribal land in Nevada, so it commissioned the creation of a development Master Plan. The entire 4,400 acre area was still completely undeveloped, had no utility services, and limited physical access.

The resulting Master Plan called for the construction of 40,000 residential units, shopping centers, a community center, and a dozen casinos over a 20-year development horizon. Besides providing jobs for thousands of people and housing for thousands more, the Master Plan would eventually result in a base electrical load of 150 megawatts. The first phase of the Master Plan development was finished in February 1995, with the opening of the 350-room Avi Hotel and Casino on the Colorado River, creating an electric load of nearly 2 megawatts.

The tribe found there were two principal options available to them: self-generation and franchise the operation to one of the other local utilities. The draft Master Plan included self-generation resources to meet part of the load forecasted for the project. Potential resources included natural gas-fired steam/combustion turbines and photovoltaic power. An early cost-effectiveness study of cost/benefit and economic analysis by the tribe's consultant concluded that neither option was cost-effective.