Transmission Access and Financing

In the late 1990s, the BIA gave AMPS a 12-mile section of a 69-kilovolt transmission line. The line leads from the Bureau of Reclamation's Davis Dam on the Colorado River to a point about three miles north of the reservation. AMPS eventually connected the line to the rest of the reservation's grid, adding a second point of service to AMPS' single existing point of service at the reservation's eastern border. The acquisition of this line was important to AMPS because it became AMPS' first major asset, with a value of $12.5 million. Owning the transmission gave them collateral to secure additional construction funding.

A majority of the funds required for the development of AMPS and construction of required distribution equipment was supplied by the tribe from its own cash reserves. Other sources of funds for construction included fees paid by developers to AMPS for the establishment of service within the new subdivision in Arizona. AMPS' profits, if any, go back into the tribe's general fund. Any capital requirements are met by general funds disbursement.