Energy Resource Options

The next dimension of strategic energy planning, after establishing the energy baseline, is to evaluate your energy resource options. As with the energy baseline work, the level of detail on energy resource options can be extensive. At this initial planning level, the objective is to establish the primary energy resource options that are of interest to the tribe. Depending on the starting point of the tribe in your energy planning, a more detailed evaluation of your resource options will likely be necessary.

At this point it is valuable to write down the obvious resources that will need to be considered. Equally important is to screen out likely losers so that valuable effort is not devoted to dead-end options. However, it is good at this stage to be more inclusive. If the opportunity for a particular energy resource is positive but unknown (e.g., biomass residue), it is better to leave it on the list for further evaluation, rather than strike it from further consideration prematurely.

Depending on your level of energy awareness, it may be helpful to review the resource assessment and energy technology material in this Guide to help you identify your primary energy options.