Geothermal Energy Projects

Visit one of the following links for information about geothermal projects around the country.

All Geothermal Applications

  • Map of U.S. geothermal projects

    Maintained by the Geo-Heat Center, this interactive map and database provides summary information on geothermal power plants and direct use projects, which are divided into the following categories: space heating, district heating, industrial, greenhouses, aquaculture, spas and pools, agricultural drying, and snow melting. Information can be viewed by state or by application.

Electricity Projects

  • Geothermal power plants in the United States

    Provided by the Geothermal Energy Association, this site has a comprehensive list of geothermal plants by state and includes data, contact information, and a small photograph of each plant. The information is more detailed than that provided by the Geo-Heat Center map and database, above.

  • Small Geothermal Power Project Examples (PDF 9.9 MB)

    Provided by the Geo-Heat Center. Download Adobe Reader.

Direct Use Projects

  • Collocated communities

    Information on 271 communities (with a population of 7.4 million) in 10 western states that are within 5 miles of geothermal resources having temperatures high enough to provide space heating to these communities. Some of these resources are already being tapped, others are not. Provided by the Geo-Heat Center.

  • Geothermal Direct Use Case Studies

    In-depth information about seven direct use projects in the western United States. Provided by the Geo-Heat Center. Additional case studies can be found in the Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin.

GHP Projects

  • Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium

    This site provides dozens of in-depth case studies for residential, commercial, office, affordable housing, government, and school building installations.

  • GHP case studies

    A list of printed case studies available for free from the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association.