Preliminary Choices

Your preliminary assessment of resource options, coupled with an understanding of tribal loads, can be combined to suggest possible technical solutions.

On the renewable generation side, this might include installation of one or more wind turbines, if there is a good wind resource, or investigations into geothermal, hydroelectric, or solar power.

On the energy efficiency side, the options may include upgrading lighting in commercial buildings, adding insulation and weather-stripping, installing window improvements and shading, and implementing a load management system.

On the institutional side, important options to consider may include building on existing supplier relationships, creating new tribal organizations, identifying "windows of opportunity" such as re-negotiating rights-of-way, or obtaining access to preferential power from federal hydroelectric facilities.

As the strategic plan begins to develop, placing considerable effort in evaluating your energy options may be worthwhile. A more detailed discussion of options analysis can be found in the "Evaluating Options" section of this Guide. As stated previously, strategic planning is often an iterative process, and most of this iteration is focused on options analysis. As more information becomes available to your tribe, the preferred options may change.