Airport Ground Support Equipment Specifications and Test Procedures

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

The eGSE America Electric Baggage Tow Tractor (EBTT) Technical Specifications (PDF 137 KB) were used to define the minimum requirements for an Electric Baggage Tow Tractor for baseline performance testing.

The eGSE America Electric Aircraft PushBack Tractor (EAPT) Technical Specifications (PDF 133 KB) outlines the design and performance requirements specifically for the propulsion and energy management systems of a battery-powered electric aircraft pushback tractor.

The eGSE America Electric Aircraft Cargo Conveyor (EACC) Technical Specifications (PDF 77 KB) outlines the design and performance requirements for a battery-powered, self-propelled belt conveyor for handling baggage and cargo at aircraft bulk cargo holds.

eGSE America Test Procedures

  • ETA-GAC001 Control, Close-out, and Storage of Documentation (PDF 77 KB)
  • ETA-GAC002 Control of Test Conduct (PDF 124 KB)
  • ETA-GAC003 Preparation and Issuance of Test Reports (PDF 56 KB)
  • ETA-GAC004 Review of Test Results (PDF 58 KB)
  • ETA-GAC005 Training and Certification Requirements for Personnel Utilizing ETA Procedures (PDF 55 KB)
  • ETA-GAC006 Receipt Inspection (PDF 77 KB)
  • ETA-GAC007 Control of Measuring and Test Equipment (PDF 64 KB)
  • ETA-GTP001 Vehicle Verification (PDF 202 KB)
  • ETA-GTP002 Traction System Test (PDF 208 KB)
  • ETA-GTP003 Battery Capacity and Depth of Discharge Test (PDF 118 KB)
  • ETA-GTP004 Electromagnetic Interference and Susceptibility Test (PDF 120 KB)
  • ETA-GTP005 Battery Charger Performance (PDF 121 KB)