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Vehicle Technologies Office – Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity

Oil Bypass Filter

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is evaluating oil bypass filter technology for the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Vehicle Technologies Office. Eight PuraDYN Filter Technologies and three Refined Global Solutions oil bypass filter systems are being tested on INL buses. The 11 buses are all equipped with four-cycle diesel engines:

  • Six Series-50 Detroit Diesel engines
  • Four Series-60 Detroit Diesel engines
  • One Caterpillar engine.

This test has three main tasks:

  1. Evaluate the performance of an advanced commercial oil bypass filter technology.
  2. Expand the evaluation and analysis to other vehicles within the DOE system.
  3. Furnish an economic analysis and report.
Schematic of Puradyn Oil Filter System showing one-micron filter disk, CGP treated long-strand cotton filter media (optional), time-released additives, 100% long-strand cotton disposable filter element, vapor vent, metering jet, oil entry, oil sample valve, electrical connection, evaporation chamber, clean oil retun line, diffuser plate, sealed stainless steel heating element and filter disk

Puradyn Filter System

The benefits to DOE and the nation of safely extending oil drain intervals include:

  • Decreasing dependence on foreign oil
  • Reducing the generation of waste oil
  • Reducing equipment downtime
  • Reducing investments in handling and changing motor oil
  • Reducing oil-related environmental issues — spills, drinking water contamination, and waste oil handling.

The oil bypass filter systems are designed for up to 40-quart engine oil capacities. A few details about the oil bypass filters follow:

  • The bypass filters do not replace conventional full-flow oil filter systems but work in addition to them.
  • The bypass filter hardware is connected to the engine oil supply system downstream of the standard engine oil full flow filter.
  • The bypass filters do not negatively affect the engine's oil flow or pressure.
  • The oil treated by the bypass system is gravity-fed back into the oil pan.
  • The replaceable tightly compressed long-strand cotton fiber bypass oil filters are reputed to resist channeling and to remove contaminants to less than one micron.
  • The manufacturers state that the flow rate through the system is six to eight gallons per hour.
  • There are no moving parts.
Refined Global Solutions oil bypass filter system.

Refined Global Solutions Filter

Both bypass filter systems have two main components: the filter housing, which contains a replaceable filter cartridge, and a heater chamber to volatize and vent fuel and coolant liquids that contaminate oil. The PuraDYN system contains both components in a single unit along with an additive package within their replaceable bypass filters, while the Refined Global Solutions system houses each component in separate units.

Additional advertised benefits of the two oil bypass filter systems include:

  • Extended oil drain intervals
  • Reduced frictional engine wear
  • Reduced oil purchases
  • Reduced waste oil cost
  • Reduced vehicle downtime and improved productivity
  • Additive levels that remain within acceptable limits
  • Better-maintained oil viscosity
  • Improved oil circulation
  • Decreased sludge and varnish deposits
  • Fast paybacks.