Alternative Fuel Vehicle Fleet Evaluation

These test and evaluation projects were designed to collect and provide objective information on real-world fleet experiences with alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

Fleet Studies

These studies aimed to demonstrate, by using AFVs in fleet applications, how well AFVs meet the vehicle needs of fleets. The studies assessed whether the operational performance and costs of AFVs were similar to, better than, or not as good as those of similar gasoline vehicles.

SuperShuttle PhotoSuperShuttle Denver Fleet: CNG Vans: This study involved five dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG), five bi-fuel CNG, and three gasoline-only Ford E-350 passenger vans.


Barwood Cab PhotoBarwood Cab Fleet: CNG Sedans: This study compared 10 dedicated CNG and 10 gasoline-only Ford Crown Victorias.


Ohio Fleet PhotoState of Ohio Fleet: Ethanol (E85) Sedans: This study examined seven E85 flexible-fuel and three gasoline-only Ford Tauruses.


Texas Fleet PhotoState of Texas Fleet: LPG Pickup Trucks: This study included 31 bi-fuel LPG and four gasoline-only Ford F150 pickups.