Alternative Fuel Vehicle Performance Evaluation

These projects focused on evaluating specific vehicles or specific aspects of individual vehicle performance.

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Vehicle TestingIn this project, we conducted a series of performance tests on the latest technology production alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs). The project was designed to give vehicle purchasers information on performance, driveability, and emissions of new AFV models.


Chassis DynamometerWe conducted extensive testing of in-use emission from light-duty AFVs fueled by compressed natural gas, ethanol, methanol, and liquefied petroleum gas according to the Federal Test Procedure for light-duty chassis dynamometer testing. Results include data on primary exhaust regulated emissions (carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and hydrocarbons), plus aldehydes, alcohols, carbon dioxide, and evaporative emissions. In addition, we performed hydrocarbon speciation on the hydrocarbon emissions from a subset of the vehicles tested to evaluate their toxicity and ozone-forming potential.