Emissions Data

Emissions data and test results from the U.S. Department of Energy's extensive light-duty alternative fuel vehicle emissions testing program results are available in the September 1999 report, Light-Duty Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Federal Test Procedure Emission Results, which has been divided into sections that can be downloaded as Microsoft Excel files or viewed as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

Emissions data from the various vehicles tested are organized by fuel. Separate files contain data from the FTP tests and the detailed hydrocarbon speciation analysis.

Section Acrobat PDF Excel file
(FTP data)
Excel file
(Speciation data)
Introduction (108 KB)    
Methanol Results (222 KB) (281 KB) (40 KB)
Ethanol Results (222 KB) (177 KB) (24 KB)
CNG Results (238 KB) (138 KB) (28 KB)
Summary (18 KB)    
References (18 KB)    
Data Sets (FTP) (312 KB)    
List of Speciated Compounds (66 KB)    
Data Sets (Speciated) (136 KB)    
Description of Data Analysis (76 KB)    
Off-Cycle Emissions Results (794 KB)    

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