Hybrid Electric Vehicle Specifications and Test Procedures

The Fleet Test and Evaluation Procedure (PDF 831 KB) is used to provide guidance for the establishment of advanced vehicle electric fleets, the collection of operating data from these fleets, and the analysis of this data.

HEVAmerican Technical Specifications

  • The HEVAmerica Technical Specifications (PDF 345 KB)

HEVAmerica Test Procedures

The following documents are available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Adobe Reader.

  • HEV Baseline Test Sequence (PDF 75 KB)
  • HEV End of Life Test Sequence (PDF 49 KB
  • ETA-HTP01 Implementation of SAE Standard J1263 February 1996 - Road Load Measurement and Dynamometer Simulation Using Coastdown Techniques (PDF 136 KB)
  • ETA-HTP02 Implementation of SAE Standard J1666 May 1993 - Hybrid Electric Vehicle Acceleration, Gradeability, and Deceleration Test Procedure (PDF 98 KB)
  • ETA-HTP03 Implementation of SAE, J1634 May 1993 - Hybrid Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption and Range Test Procedure (PDF 81 KB)
  • ETA-HTP04 Electric Vehicle Constant Speed Range Tests (PDF 95 KB)
  • ETA-HTP05 Hybrid Electric Vehicle Rough Road Course Test (PDF 51 KB)
  • ETA-HTP06 Braking Test (PDF 103 KB)
  • ETA-HTP07 Road Course Handling Test (PDF 60 KB)
  • ETA-HTP08 Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) Charging (PDF 169 KB)
  • ETA-HTP09 Measurement and Evaluation of Magnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMI) Generated by Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PDF 187 KB)
  • ETA-HTP10 Measurement and Evaluation of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Performance (PDF 36 KB)
  • ETA-HTP11 Vehicle Verification (PDF 410 KB)
  • ETA-HTP12 Evaluation of Electric Vehicle On-Board Battery Energy Management System(s) [BEMS] (PDF 26 KB)
  • ETA-HTP13 Onboard Generator Energy Efficiency Test (PDF 150 KB
  • ETA-HAC01 Control, Close-out and Storage of Documentation (PDF 27 KB)
  • ETA-HAC02 Control of Test Conduct (PDF 29 KB)
  • ETA-HAC03 Preparation of Issuance of Test Reports (PDF 24 KB)
  • ETA-HAC04 Review of Test Results (PDF 36 KB)
  • ETA-HAC05 Training and Certification Requirements for Personnel Utilizing ETA Procedures (PDF 30 KB)
  • ETA-HAC06 Receipt Inspection (PDF 80 KB)
  • ETA-HAC07 Control of Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) (PDF 40 KB)
  • ETA-HQA01 Audit of the Quality Assurance Program for the Control and use of Measuring and Test Equipment (PDF 64 KB)
  • ETA-HQP01 Quality Program (PDF 53 KB)