Lexus RX400h SUV Hybrid Electric Vehicle Accelerated Reliability Testing – October 2008

Two Lexus RX400h all-wheel drive SUV hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) entered fleet and accelerated reliability testing during May 2005 in one fleet in Arizona. After reaching 160,000 miles each, the two Lexus HEVs will have their traction batteries tested before they are retired. In addition, one front-wheel drive Lexus RX400h entered testing during July 2006.

Fact sheets and maintenance logs for these vehicles give detailed information such as miles driven, fuel economy, operations and maintenance requirements, operating costs, and life-cycle costs.

The three Lexus HEVs have been driven a total of 357,000 miles and the cumulative average fuel economy is 23.4 miles per gallon. The two all wheel drive HEVs are averaging 23.1 miles per gallon after 321,000 miles and the front wheel drive Lexus is averaging 26.5 miles per gallon after 36,000 miles.

Graph showing that the cumulative average fuel economy for the Lexus RX400h SUV fleet is 23.4 miles per gallon.
Graph showing that the Lexus RX400h SUVs have been driven a total of 357,000 miles.