2002/2003 Toyota Prius Fleet and Accelerated Reliability Testing - July 2005

A total of six Generation I (model years 2002 and 2003) Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) entered fleet and accelerated reliability testing during November and December 2001 in two fleets in Arizona. Three of the vehicles were driven between 15,000 and 28,000 miles each (fleet testing); one was driven 70,000 miles. Of the remaining two vehicles, one reached 160,030 miles and active mileage accumulation stopped in December 2004, while the other reached 167,665 miles (accelerated reliability testing) during April 2005. The two HEVs driven 160,000+ miles will have their fuel efficiencies retested on dynamometers (with and without air conditioning), and their batteries will be capacity tested.

Fact sheets and maintenance logs for these vehicles give detailed information such as miles driven, fuel economy, operations and maintenance requirements, operating costs, life-cycle costs, and any unique driving issues.

The six Prius HEVs were driven a total of 458,410 miles, and their cumulative average fuel economy was 41.0 miles per gallon.

Toyota Prius - Monthly Fuel Economy
Toyota Prius - Miles Driven