Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle Specifications and Test Procedures

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HICEV Specifications

HICEV America Test Procedures

  • HICEV America Test Sequence (PDF 60 KB)
  • ETA-HITP01 Implementation of SAE Standard J1263 - Road Load Measurements and Dynamometer Simulation Using Coast Down Techniques (PDF 163 KB)
  • ETA-HITP02 Implementation of SAE Standard J1666 May93 - HICE Vehicle Acceleration, Gradeability, and Deceleration Test Procedure (PDF 211 KB)
  • ETA-HITP03 Implementation of SAE J1634 May93 - Fuel Economy Testing (PDF 321 KB)
  • ETA-HITP04 HICE Vehicle Constant Speed Fuel Economy Tests (PDF 240 KB)
  • ETA-HITP05 HICE Vehicle Rough Road Course Test (PDF 138 KB)
  • ETA-HITP06 Braking Test (PDF 141 KB)
  • ETA-HITP07 Road Course Handling Test (PDF 179 KB)
  • ETA-HITP11 Vehicle Verification (PDF 156 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC01 Control, Close-out and Storage of Documentation (PDF 84 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC02 Control of Test Conduct (PDF 88 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC03 Preparation of Issuance of Test Reports (PDF 83 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC04 Review of Test Results (PDF 91 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC05 Training and Certification Requirements for Personnel Utilizing ETA Procedures (PDF 83 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC06 Receipt Inspection (PDF 109 KB)
  • ETA-HIAC07 Control of Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) (PDF 98 KB)
  • ETA-HIQA01 Audit of the Quality Assurance Program for the Control and use of Measuring and Test Equipment (PDF 115 KB)
  • ETA-HIQP01 Quality Program (PDF 99 KB)