Urban Electric Vehicle Specifications and Test Procedures

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UEVAmerica Specifications

UEVAmerica Test Procedures

  • ETA-UTP001 Implementation of SAE Standard J1263, Feb. 1996 - Road Load Measurement and Dynamometer Simulation Using Coastdown Techniques (PDF 48 KB)
  • ETA-UTP002 Implementation of SAE Standard J1666, May 1993 - Electric Vehicle Acceleration, Gradeability, and Deceleration Test Procedure (PDF 62 KB)
  • ETA-UTP003 Implementation of SAE Standard J1634, May 1993 - Electric Vehicle Energy Consumption and Range Test Procedure (PDF 56 KB)
  • ETA-UTP004 Electric Vehicle Constant Speed Range Test (PDF 50 KB)
  • ETA-UTP005 Electric Vehicle Endurance Course Test (PDF 41 KB)
  • ETA-UTP006 Braking Test (PDF 46 KB)
  • ETA-UTP007 Road Course Handling Test (PDF 47 KB)
  • ETA-UTP008 Battery Charging (PDF 29 KB)
  • ETA-UTP009 Measurement and Evaluation of Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Radiation Generated by Electric Vehicles (PDF 116 KB)
  • ETA-UTP010 Measurement and Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Performance (PDF 31 KB)
  • ETA-UTP011 Receipt Inspection (PDF 58 KB)
  • ETA-UTP012 Evaluation of Electric Vehicle On-Board Battery Energy Management System(s) (PDF 24 KB)
  • ETA-UAC01 Control, Close-out and Storage of Documentation (PDF 24 KB)
  • ETA-UAC04 Review of Test Results (PDF 30 KB)
  • ETA-UAC05 Training and Certification Requirements for Personnel Utilizing ETA Procedures (PDF 26 KB)
  • ETA-AC06 Vehicle Verification (PDF 56 KB)
  • ETA-UAC07 Control of Measuring and Test Equipment (PDF 32 KB)
  • ETA-QA001 Audit of the Quality Assurance Program for the Control and Use of Measuring and Test Equipment (PDF 64 KB)
  • ETA-QP001 Quality Program (PDF 54 KB)