The marketplace for advanced transportation technologies and the focus, direction, and funding of transportation programs are continually changing. The Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity's "2005 Overview of Advanced Technology Transportation" (PDF 736 KB) gives the latest information about energy use in the transportation sector, emissions, advanced vehicle availability, vehicle sales, and other key issues.

The updated document gives a "snapshot" of current vehicle technologies and trends. For a historical viewpoint, refer to the previous versions of this overview:

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Advanced Technology Vehicle Tables

The following tables, which were updated in June 2005, provide information about the current and expected market for advanced technology vehicles [acronyms used in the tables (PDF 67 KB)]. If you are aware of vehicles or projects that aren't included in these lists, please let us know.

Hybrid Electric Technology

  • Heavy-duty hybrid vehicle table (Excel 164 KB): This table includes information about projects involving heavy-duty hybrid vehicles in development, which are placed in normal service alongside conventional vehicles. Manufacturers work closely with the organizations operating the vehicles to optimize them for future market.
  • Information on light-duty hybrids is available in the Hybrid Electric Technology section of the Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center website.

Fuel Cell Technology

  • Heavy-duty fuel cell vehicle table (Excel 47 KB): Fuel cell vehicles continue to be developed for the heavy-duty market. This table features information on some the projects that involve such vehicles, most of which are transit buses.
  • Information on fuel cell vehicles is available on the Fuel Cells 2000 website.