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Reporting Standard Compliance

State and alternative fuel provider covered fleets have two options to submit an annual report to meet Energy Policy Act (EPAct) requirements under Standard Compliance. For help with reporting, email epact.sfp.fleets@nrel.gov.

Fleets must submit a report to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) by December 31 after each model year.

Missing the deadline or filing an incomplete report makes fleets noncompliant.

Option 1: Report Online

DOE strongly encourages fleets to report online.

If your fleet has an account, log in to submit a report.


If your fleet needs an account, request new fleet access.

Find step-by-step instructions in the User Guide.

Option 2: Submit Spreadsheet

Although DOE strongly encourages online reporting, you may submit the reporting spreadsheet.

Email the spreadsheet to epact.sfp.fleets@nrel.gov.

Reporting Tool Demonstration

Watch this recorded webinar for a demonstration of the annual reporting tool.

Text version | Presentation slides

Webinar: Final Rule on Electric Drive Vehicles and Infrastructure

April 15, 2014 | Watch a recording and download the slides.

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