U.S. Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Vehicle Technologies Office – EPAct Transportation Regulatory Activities

Banking and Trading Credits for Standard Compliance

State and alternative fuel provider fleets that are covered fleets may meet their Energy Policy Act (EPAct) requirements through the Standard Compliance method by applying banked credits or purchasing credits from other covered fleets.

Earning Credits

Fleets can earn bankable credits by:

  • Acquiring excess alternative fuel vehicles
  • Acquiring non-AFV electric vehicles
  • Making certain investments

Banking Credits

Covered fleets earn AFV credits for acquiring excess light-duty alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), acquiring non-AFV electric vehicles, and making investments in alternative fuel infrastructure, alternative fuel non-road equipment, and emerging technology. After satisfying their AFV-acquisition requirements, fleets also may earn AFV credits for acquiring medium- or heavy-duty AFVs and/or HEVs that are not AFVs. Credits from these acquisitions or investments may be banked for future use or traded. Non-covered fleets may not earn credits.

Trading Credits

Credit trading is allowed between fleets that need to buy or sell banked credits. Use these tools to find fleets that may have credits to trade:

After you locate a buyer or seller, use the proof of credit transfer form. This form requires the original signatures of the buyer and seller. DOE will notify the buyer and seller when the trade is approved.