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Request for Information – Hydropower Advancement Project

Funding: N/A

Open Date: 12/21/2011

Close Date: 02/21/2012

Funding Organization: U.S. Department of Energy Office Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Funding Number: DE-FOA-0000629


The Department of Energy (DOE) is requesting information from hydropower owners, operators, project and technology developers, equipment manufacturers, consultants and other stakeholders (“stakeholders”) concerning the identification of efficiency, capacity and water utilization improvements at existing U.S. hydropower facilities.   DOE estimates that approximately 8 to 16 GW of additional capacity and approximately 55 TWh of annual generation can be added through cost effective and sustainable upgrades at existing hydropower facilities.  DOE has developed the Hydropower Advancement Project to support development of this resource.

DOE is seeking suggestions and comments on the objectives, rationale, methodology and execution of the Hydropower Advancement Project (HAP) as described in this Request for Information (RFI).  These comments will assist DOE in the refinement of this initiative and the underlying methodology.

Note:  This is an RFI and not a Funding Opportunity Announcement. DOE is not accepting applications for funding. Only responses to this document are being solicited. Responses may include arguments, observations, references, or recommendations that respondents consider relevant to this RFI.

DOE hosted a webinar to discuss this RFI on January 10, 2011.  Please visit to view the webinar presentation.

See the full RFI solicitation here.

Additional Information:

Visit the Oak Ridge National Laboratory website for more information on the Hydropower Advancement Project.

Last updated: 02/01/2012

Funding amounts and schedules are subject to change.