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News Archives - 2004


BPA Draws on Hydropower to Make Wind Energy More Attractive
Manhattan Skyscraper Owner Makes Large Green Power Purchase


Kansas Utility Seeks up to 200 Megawatts of Renewable Energy
Texas and Iowa Utilities Top NREL's List of Green Power Programs
New Mexico Passes Laws to Promote Clean Energy and Hybrid Cars
Minnesota and Wisconsin Seek 300 Megawatts of Renewable Power


GE Energy Completes Its Acquisition of AstroPower
Awards Recognize Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies
Connecticut to Buy 20 Percent Green Power by 2010


State and Utility Clean Energy Programs Chalk Up Successes


Maryland and Hawaii Set New Renewable Energy Requirements
BP Releases "Statistical Review of World Energy 2004"


Rhode Island Sets Renewable Energy Requirements
New York State Awards $15 Million for Clean Energy Projects
Political Conventions to Use Clean Power and Mass Transit
Federal Teams Honored for Energy Achievements


Hydropower Facility to Install Fish-Friendly Turbines


Colorado Utility Seeks 500 Megawatts of Renewable Energy
Minnesota Utility to Award $22 Million to Renewable Projects
Renewable Energy Powered the Republican National Convention
New York State Sets a New Renewable Energy Requirement


President Bush Signs New Energy Tax Incentives Into Law


Pennsylvania Governor Approves Renewable Energy and Alt-Fuel Bills
Connecticut and Moab, Utah, Show Support for Green Power
Wisconsin Energy Task Force Recommends Efficiency, Renewables

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