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DOE Offers $7.5 Million for Advanced Water Power Technologies

May 5, 2008

DOE announced on May 5 that it will make up to $7.5 million available to U.S. industries and universities to support the research and development of advanced water power systems, including systems that draw on free-flowing water; ocean waves, tides, or currents; and other water-based resources. Technologies that generate power from free-flowing water are often referred to as "hydrokinetic" technologies. Funding is available for industry-led projects involving in-water testing, development, and deployment of advanced water power technologies.

Funding is also available for projects that facilitate the market penetration of marine and hydrokinetic technologies, including projects to assess wave and tidal energy resources, develop international standards for the technologies, investigate issues with electric grid integration, develop best practices for locating projects, and identify and mitigate potential impacts on navigation. Additionally, universities can apply for funding to establish National Marine Renewable Energy Centers, which will serve as integrated, standardized test centers for marine and hydrokinetic technologies. The centers will also serve as information clearinghouses and will conduct research to advance marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies.

The solicitation is part of DOE's effort to establish a program of research, development, demonstration, and commercial application activities to expand the production of renewable energy from marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies. The new effort was authorized by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which President Bush signed in December. DOE anticipates selecting up to 14 recipients for the in-water testing and market facilitation topics, and up to 3 for the National Marine Renewable Energy Centers. Applications are due on June 16. See the DOE press release and the full solicitation on Grants.gov.

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